About Me

Nate Silva


Portland, Oregon metro area


Areas of interest

  • Programming: Node.js, TypeScript, Python, C++ (Windows API), Swift
  • IT: Linux, macOS, cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud, Linode)

Current employment

  • System Architect for an automotive industry SaaS product

Previous employment

  • Software Development and IT Manager for a specialty printing company
  • Software Development and IT for a telecom company
  • Software Development and IT for a large credit union


Areas of interest

  • 🏛 Architecture
  • 🥾 Hiking
  • 🎼 Classical and electronic music
  • 🏡 Family outings


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  • Stack Overflow Stack Overflow reputation
  • NPM modules
    • snowflake-promise snowflake-promise downloads count
      • A Promise-based interface for Snowflake data warehouses
    • is-in-subnet is-in-subnet downloads count
      • Checks if an address is in an IPv4 or IPv6 subnet; it is lightweight, fast, and correct
    • p-ratelimit p-ratelimit downloads count
      • Makes sure you don’t call rate-limited APIs too quickly, and can manage rate limits across a distributed fleet of servers
    • keyv-anyredis keyv-anyredis downloads count
      • Storage adapter for the popular keyv cache engine that supports any Redis client, including Redis Cluster
    • big-config big-config downloads count
      • Keeps your app’s configuration settings organized at scale

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